Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Something for You?!

When I was young, I thought Life was all about ups and downs.  My dad would say that I'd get too high then have to suffer the lows.  Now, I'm feeling more and more like it's both, and neither!  Having a happy life is certainly not about flatlining.

My highs came from unrealistic expectations that something or someone was going to "make me happy."  Because, of course, according to all the movies, songs, and people around me, that's the way it all works.  And, of course, as we are learning, and society is following along, oh so slowly, it turns out that W E   A R E   R E S P O N S I B L E   F O R   O U R  O W N   HAPPINESS!

 I remember the first time I encountered the concept.  I was in my later 20's and participated in Lifespring, a self-awareness seminar.  But, when the seminar was over, I quickly fell back under society's spell and went back to waiting on Prince Charming.  Later in life, it became Job Charming, and, even, Child Charming!   Now, at the ripe old age of 57, I realize I'm Charming!  If it's to be, it's up to me.  Happiness is an inside job.  Through the help of others (I did build it, but not alone) like Greg and Donna Baer, and Real Love, and all the coaches and friends I've made through conference calls and personal phone conversations, even small group meetings and seminars, I now know that I am loveable, warts and all.  I also realize that most of us never received enough of the love we desparately needed as children. 

This fact alone, I believe, accounts for most, if not all, the "evil" done in the world.  People who are hurting will do anything to avoid that pain: attacking/anger, clinging, running away from responsibility, acting like victims.  Yes, we were all victimized to some extent, some far more than others, but what we choose to do with that, after plugging in to all that's available at, is largely up to us.  We can have a support group that is absolutely unparalleled by anything else in the world, if we only reach out and have faith in the process and in those who have been down the road ahead of us.

 I'm direct evidence that it works.  I'm not perfect, and I don't need to be.  I am loveable just the way I am, and learning to make better choices, failing my way to happiness.  If we are loved every step of the way, right or wrong, it takes the sting out of being wrong.  Talking about what I do wrong, my mistakes, to people who are loving, keeps me from wanting to hide and lie, and try to look good to earn the praise and approval of people who are just as empty, if not more, than myself.

I'm enjoying my path more today.  If you aren't enjoying yours enough today, please let me know, so I can offer you what I've found.