Friday, November 4, 2011

Real Love

In my first post, I alluded to Real Love and how it had changed my life.  Greg (Dr. Greg Baer, author) says that "It's ALWAYS about Real Love."  And, that's been my experience, too.  Whenever I am angry, sad, or scared, I'm not feeling loved.  I was introduced to Greg by someone from my church. I was confiding my concerns over the possibilities of the failure of my marriage.  He recommended that I call Greg.  I was already seeing a counselor, but this guy insisted, plus, Greg was located in my home town, just an hour's drive away.  The first time I spoke with him on the phone, giving him a cliff notes version of my situation, he said, "You only have one problem."  Well, of course, I replied, "Ok, what's that?"  He said, "You have never really been loved."  It was one of those life-changing moments.  I had been telling all those around me all my life that they didn't really love me, and here was this guy telling me I was right!  One would think that would be sad, but it wasn't. It was validating!  One of the worst things that is done to kids is telling them "I love you" instead of "I'm really sucking at being a parent."  Only recently have I begun to get specific with my own offspring.  "Let's tell the truth.  No need for apologies."  Saying "I love you" is one way we say many things:  "I screwed up, please don't be angry... do you still love me?"  So, when we screw up, which is often, we say something like "Wow.  I just got angry again, and, of course, that's wrong."  Because if our goal is to be happy... angry (or sad, or scared) is always wrong!

I won't go much further into this today, other than to urge you to go to the website: and check out everything that is available there.  Greg (and his wife, Donna) aren't trying to get rich or become the next self-improvement gurus.  They have discovered the formula for happiness:  loved, loving, responsible, and their efforts fit right in there.  Get the love you need by getting on the (FREE) forum located on the website, reading the books, getting on (FREE) conference calls, making connections with people who have agreed to love you the best they can, and to tell the truth about it if they can't.  It's quite refreshing.  Even FREEing.  Happiness making.  You can never have too many Real Friends.  I once studied with a spiritual woman, and she said that if someone is claiming to have the truth and selling it, it ain't the truth.  Greg makes so much available... for free!

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