Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Fitting Farewell and Tribute to Pappy

In one of my last posts, I referred to a friend at work who had asked me to paint a portrait of the family pet who had recently departed and left a big hole (mostly in the husband's lap).  It was my first attempt at painting a dog, so I don't think it's wonderful by any means, but she seemed satisfied with it.  I will post the final pic, and then the different stages it went through, just in case any of my artist friends are perusing.

His mom and dad love flying, and that's their plane in the sky.  I worked from a photo, and added one of his favorite balls, and the little collar/tie.  I'm really glad I had the opportunity to do this for my friend and her husband, it was very challenging and a lot of fun! 

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  1. Sweet.
    Mama used to do pastle portraits or pen and inks of our pets and pet's of friends as a rememberance as her gift.