Thursday, June 27, 2013

For Cancer Survivors Workshop

What on earth qualifies me to think I can conduct a workshop with cancer survivors???!!!

I'm not one myself.
I'm neither a therapist nor a counselor in the strictest sense of the terms.

I do, however, have some qualifications:

I'm a survivor.  Period.
I’m a survivor of a great number of soul-sucking trials in life.
I survived my childhood and the myriad stupid mistakes I've since added to all that trauma.
I was fortunate enough to meet someone like myself who'd been hurt, lived to tell about it, and, better yet, figured out a way to help me and others like us.
I've been applying the principles I've been taught for over 17 years now with incredible success.
I've become very close to many others with various traumas and backgrounds who have done the same thing.
I have come to understand that although the pain of cancer and other medical conditions, is indeed horrible, the pain of unmet emotional needs is even worse.
Our needs may be met, after which the emotional wounds heal, and this allows the other pains to be lessened also.
Much research has been done that shows that the more loved and peaceful we are, the better we thrive in every way.
Lastly, but most importantly, I have a desire to share these principles and to show others how to live lives filled with joy.


I leave people with not only a personal experience of feeling unconditionally loved, but resources such as free conference calls daily and group meetings, and a community of hundreds of others worldwide who are learning to be loving.

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