Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Power of (Sincere) Praise

I have learned that (the search for) praise when it is something we live for, is destructive, because it keeps us from feeling loved even when we believe we are less than what we want to be.  But if one is happy, has found the path to feeling loved and loveable, then praise is just... well, juicy!  I am loving posting my artwork online and getting praise!  I have a degree in art, have looked at 1000's of images, many beautiful, some horrific, and some seemingly pointless, arguably so.  I have come to somewhat of a conclusion that the point of art for me is exploration and expression... in a word, "delight!"  I am so grateful to all those in my "circles" of friends and artists who have expressed their encouragement... and lived by their example... along with those previously mentioned is a new one, Angie Fraley.  She's rather amazing.  Check  her out here


  1. Oh Myra.....totally blushing. Thank you so much, I just adore you!

  2. Hi Myra, I'm from the "Magical" group so I came over to follow you and hope you'll follow me back. Great support for one another. We are American missionaries living in Ukraine. I teach art and scrapbooking here. I love giving others the joy and delight of crafting. I too went to art school.