Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Master Cleanser - Day 4

Well, I was right!  Love being right.  I feel so wonderful for doing this cleanse.  I can NOT say enough good about it.  Contrary to the opinion a coworker expressed that this CAN'T possibly be good for you, and many people think that, I KNOW it IS!  How do I know it is?  My stomach is resting, it is peaceful... it is grateful for the break.  I have more energy.  I feel better.  My mind is clearer, even my vision is better.  I believe that most of the time many of us, at least I can speak for me, walk around in a fog of too much of the time, from grains, sugars and overeating!  Well, my head has popped out of the fog and I love it! Day 3 was great after I got past the salt water in the morning, I think getting the bulk of that out was the corner turner for me.  Today the salt water was a piece of, oh, no, not going to even say that!  a piece of steak!  No, not that either!!!  Actually that is the food I think of when I get a little hungry, a nice big fat slice of prime rib, yum, must be needing protein.  But, as long as I keep the lemonade going I don't think about food much.  In this way, I know that I don't really need much.  Did you ever imagine you could go 3-4 days with absolutely no food?  If you've never tried the Master Cleanser, you will never really know you're own body.

I can give you the Master Cleanser in a nutshell (oh, no, the food analogy again!):  2 teaspoons of sea salt early in the morning in 32 oz. of very good warm water.  Drink that up quickly as possible, it'll probably take you 15 minutes at least.  It isn't pleasant.  It isn't horrible though.  No stomach cramping.  And, if you've eaten mostly fruits and veggies a couple of days prior, everything will move right on out.  And, don't eat too much or too late the night before because you're body will still be digesting and it'll just be more uncomfortable.   That's what I did wrong this time.  I cooked brussel sprouts, onion and portabella mushrooms the night before and they were so good I ate too many, and too late.  The only thing you will ingest during the day is your lemonade, made from real lemon juice, Grade B maple syrup (NOT IMITATION), with a pinch of cayenne to aid in draining mucus from your sinuses.  Sounds gross, but it really isn't.  Not nearly as gross as carrying all this stuff around in our bodies.  This is our Temple.  We really should keep it clean.  Would you rather live in a clean house or a dirty one?  Sounds like a no-brainer to me!

And the added bonus is that my scales were down five pounds since Friday, and this is only Wednesday.  I don't do it just for the weight loss though.  Now I feel really strongly about coming off this in a few days and eating much much less, and much much cleaner.  A friend of mine recommended Mark's Daily Apple, and that is pretty much the way I've felt better eating.  Check it out at  It's kind of a caveman/woman diet! 

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